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Faith Promise for World Missions 2020
All of Olivet’s financial support for international missionaries comes through the annual Faith Promise Commitment. Since 1999, the Lord has been pleased to provide hundreds of thousands of dollars in missionary support through the Olivet Church family and Faith Promise giving. What is a Faith Promise? A Faith Promise is a commitment to the Lord in which a believer promises, by faith, to give an amount of money over and above his or her regular tithes and offerings, as the Lord provides, to the world missions ministry of the church. Please prayerfully consider making a new Faith Promise Commitment for 2020 using the enclosed card. Cards may be mailed directly to the church at Olivet PCA, P.O. Box 74, McConnells, SC 29726.
Our Missionaries
Peter and Diane Bakelaar (MTW-Japan)                    

Rick and Beth Brawner (RUFI-Clemson Univ.)


Garry and Anita Chambers (MTW-Caribbean) 


Marty and Sara Driggers (Wycliffe)


Roger and Laura Dye (Family Life Global)                                                

Michael and Tricia Lee (MTW-Panama)     


Debbie Richards (MTW-Japan)

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